Hydrolicer is a very flexible delousing system that ensures good fish welfare regardless of fish group. Our newly developed DS-system in combination with Hydrolicer 7 gives the user a number of tools for optimizing operations and fish welfare.

Gentle delousing

Hydroliceris a mechanical, non-pharmaceutical delousing system designed for efficient and gentle treatment against lice – without the use of tempered water and chemicals


With more than 220 lines delivered globally and an efficiency of 95-100%, Hydrolicerhas become a renowned delousing system suitable for all fish sizes.

Good control

Each Hydrolicer line is supplied with a built-in camera for continuous monitoring, so that the operator has good control throughout the whole treatment.

The delousing system is compact, and can be adapted for installation on board both wellboats, service vessels and barges.

The Hydrolicer system can also be delivered as a “plug and play” container solution, including Hydrolicer, Hydroflow fish pump, complete pipe system, fish counter, as well as arrangements for washing and disinfection.

Depending on vessel type and needs, a Hydrolicer system can be supplied in anything from one line to as many lines as desired, with a delousing capacity of 50 tonnes per line every hour.* The fish are ready for feeding immediately after treatment.

Hydrolicer™ can be installed alone as a stand-alone treatment option, but it can also be combined with other delousing methods if desired. In a combination treatment, the best properties of the chosen methods are utilized, which can improve the results.

* – the quantity varies based on the health and size of the treated fish group. The calculation is based on a 3.5 kg salmon in good health

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