for fish welfare

for fish welfare

NEW! HL Quattro - compact design and high capacity!

HL Quattro is our newest system within delousing technology. Well-known principles from our flushing technology have been transferred, with higher capacities in a compact and space-saving design. The system can be installed as a stand-alone treatment option, or in combination with other delousing methods. In addition to the effect that the HL Quattro provides, the system can be installed with an afterflushing unit designed by Smir for increased delousing effect.

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Cooke Aquaculture improves fish welfare

Cooke is committed to investing in environmentally friendly solutions that also enhance fishing welfare in our pens. The Hydrolicer system is an important part of our investments to control the louse problem without the use of chemicals.

Colin Blair
Administrerende Direktør Cooke Aquaculture
– our newly appointed Project Manager Smir Group recently strengthened its Project Management Team with the employment of Martin Eikrem. Martin is employed as a Project Manager and will…

We, at Smir Group, have entered into a contract with Andfjord Salmon for the supply of our waterborne feeding system, Smirfeeder, to their land-based facilities on Andøya. This agreement signifies…

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