Smir and Badinotti have formalised a commercial cooperation agreement for the provision of submersible pens. Oceanis 1 is a submersible pen designed to ensure optimal living conditions for the salmon in an environment where sea lice and other parasites have a low presence.

Badinotti has more than 20 years of experience in the field of «Deep Farming», so this is by no means a new area for them. They have delivered submersible solutions for fish farming in areas with harsh weather conditions where the wave height can reach 15 meters. The primary function is to protect the facilities during severe weather and sea.


Oceanis 1 can be delivered as a new pen or converted from traditional open net-pens as a retro-fit. Regardless of the solution, the pen volume is kept the same

Seamless and efficient raising and lowering process

Oceanis 1`s reliable air system ensures a seamless and efficient raising and lowering process.

Deep-water feeding

The fish are fed using waterborne feeding, where pellets are distributed via Smir`s self-developed air dome. The air dome ensures the right amount of air and optimal distribution of pellets, and is equipped with an emergency lighting system that is activated in the event of a power failure. Pellets can also be distributed from the floating collar or from an underwater spreader

Well-suited to sites with strong currents

The tight integration between the net and the submersible floating collar ensures that the net is kept constantly stretched. This makes Oceanis 1 to a well-suited pen, also at sites with strong currents.

For Smir, this is a part of the strategy to offer both preventive solutions and treatment tools in the fight against the sea lice. Smir will add to the system the possibility of feeding in submerged position, and automation of the operations.

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