Oxygen Diffusor

Good water quality in a fish pen is absolutely essential for the welfare of the fish, and can be affected by several external factors. The oxygen diffusor has been developed based on experiences from the aquaculture industry, and can be used in situations during crowding when the oxygen level in the sea is critical.


The oxygen diffusor is delivered in a standard design, but both the size and the design of the flushing pattern can be adapted to suit the customer’s needs. The majority of the oxygen systems used by vessels today will be compatible with the Oxygen Diffusor.

Hygienic design

For easy cleaning and a long service life, the oxygen diffusor is produced in stainless steel. This also means that it will operate well under demanding weather conditions.

Easy to handle

The oxygen diffusor is equipped with a lifting eye for easy handling with crane. It can be stored either on deck or in a suitable storage room on board the vessel, when it is not in use.

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