FF Spreader™

The FF Spreader is a feed spreader that ensures optimal distribution of pellets when using waterborne feeding. The spreader has been developed for use with our Smirfeeder, but can also be used together with other waterborne feeding systems.

In our patent-pending solution, we only use existing waterflow from the feeding system to achieve extra flow and good dispersion of the feed. In addition, by adding a balanced supply of air to the waterflow, we can further increase the spread, which also leads to increased water circulation in the pen.

Wide and even spread of feed – suits all fish sizes

One of the main attributes of the FF Spreader  is its capabilities of spreading the pellets wide and even in the pen. This is done by adding a balanced supply of air to the waterflow.

Adjustable to desired depth

The FF Spreader can be adjusted to desired depth. Feeding below the upper water column can help to keep the fish out of areas where sea lice and other harmful organisms are more prevalent.

Improves circulation and water quality

The air/waterflow feature in the FF Spreader enables the possibility of improving the water quality in the pen. The unit can bring water from the depths to the surface, and consequently contribute to a better water environment for the fish.

Designed to handle both sinking and floating feed

The FF Spreader is designed for standard sinking pellets, but also for the future use of floating pellets.

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