Smirmerd is a semi-closed production unit in solid form that protects the fish against sea lice and other vectors of diseases in the external environment. The pen is escape-proof, and can be configured to be built to meet the customer`s specific requirements, whether post-smolt or grow-out fish are grown

High water exchange with low energy consumption

Through in-water supply pipes, Smirmerd brings heavy water from the deep where pathogenic organisms are less prevalent. The density of the water ensures high water exchange and good biological conditions for the fish, while energy consumption is kept low.

Collection of up to 90 % sedimentable substances

Collection of sludge is an important environmental aspect of using a semi-closed containment system. By using the Smirmerd, up to 90 % of the sedimentable substances can be collected.

Standard methods for fish handling

Extraction of fish and dead fish handling are done using known standard methods such as sweep nets, ball lines and lift-up.

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