Hydromerd is a semi-enclosed pen system that has multiple areas of application. First and foremost, it is designed to be used as a holding pen. The pen is made from a composite material comprised of multiaxial fibreglass and thermoset plastic. It comes with ballast tanks that enable the pen’s entire volume to be raised above the surface of the water, which means it can be air dried and is simple to clean. Hydromerd reduces or eliminates the need for direct delivery by a fish carrier and therefore also the associated costs. The pen can be installed as a standalone unit or be integrated and anchored in an existing steel facility.

  • Diameter 15-24 metres
  • Depth 11 metres – inner depth 9 metres
  • Volume 1,500 m3 – 3,300 m3
  • Weight 28 – 45 tons
  • Can be raised above the water
  • Made from a composite material – multiaxial fiberglass and thermoset plastic
  • Long lifespan – not affected by corrosion
  • The construction is stiff and strong. No risk of deformation
  • Raised and lowered via four ballast tanks
  • Can be raised to a height that ensures the entire volume of the pen is above the surface of the sea
  • Can be cleaned daily and under safe conditions when empty of water
  • The pen is kept clean without the use of chemicals
  • Can be adapted to an existing frame system
  • Fully secure system with a long lifespan
  • Natural crowding with emptying at the bottom
  • The entire pen can be air dried and cleaned
  • Hydromerd is a “stationary wellboat”
  • The solutions are designed for practical use and easy cleaning.
  • The solution comes bundled with a raft for the filter system

Comes with:

  • Management system
  • Surveillance system
  • Flow-through system
  • Filter system
  • UV
  • Ballast tank Pumps
  • Valves and pipes
  • O2 blender
  • The size of Hydromerd can be adapted to customer needs
  • Download product data sheet