Smirfeeder™ is a waterborne feeding system designed for efficient and gentle transport of feed between silos and aquaculture tanks. The system is designed for standard sinking pellets, as well as for the future use of floating pellets.

Waterborne feeding

The feeding system can be adapted and installed on both inshore, offshore, and land-based fish farming facilities.


The system is flexible, and can be designed for both newbuilds and as retrofit on existing feeding platforms.

Good capacity

With a capacity of up to 7000 kg/hour, the Smirfeeder™ is a well suited system for fish farms in any size.

Compared to traditional airborne systems, significant cost and environmental gains are achieved when using Smirfeeder, partly because damage to pellets through the feed hose is avoided. By using water as a means of transport, the service life of the feed hose will increase, and discharge of microplastics will be considerably reduced.

Energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 90%, and contributes to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions from the feeding platform. In addition, the Smirfeederis quiet compared to airborne systems, which benefits both operators and the surrounding environment.

Every delivery of Smirfeederincludes a software for control system that can be operated as a stand-alone program, or integrated into already existing feeding programs

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