Smirfeeder is a waterborne feeding system designed for efficient and gentle transportation of feed. Compared to traditional air systems, Smirfeeder comes with significant benefits for both economy and environment. The system is functional and robust, and is customized for installation on fish farming sites at land, inshore and offshore. Smirfeeder is designed for normal sinking feed, but also for the future use of floating feed. The system is also well suited for retrofit on existing feeding systems and enables transport of feed over long distances.


Smirfeeder is supplied with a newly developed spreader which is custom-made for the system and which spreads the feed over a large area.

  • Designed to handle both sinking- and floating feed
  • High feeding capacity
  • Reduced energy consumption up to 90 %
  • Reduced discharge of microplastics
  • Increased lifetime on feeding hoses
  • Reduced emissions of CO2
  • Less dust and pulverization
  • No fat deposition in feeding hoses
  • Silentness
  • Low level of maintenance
  • Assembling without interrupting the production
  • Reduced downtime on site
  • Low service- and maintenance costs
  • Allows the farmer to reduce feed factor