HL Quattro is our newest system within delousing technology. Well-known principles from our flushing technology have been transferred, with higher capacities in a compact and space-saving design. The system can be installed as a stand-alone treatment option, or in combination with other delousing methods. In addition to the effect that HL Quattro provides, the system can be installed with an afterflushing unit designed by Smir for increased delousing effect.


With its compact and space-saving design, the HL Quattro facilitates for higher capacities and can free up space on deck for other operations on board the vessel.

High capacity and low energy consumption

Capacities of 100-200 t/hour per unit facilitate very high capacities even on smaller vessels.

With a halving of energy consumption compared to previous Hydrolicer versions, the HL Quattro is an energy and cost-effective treatment tool for the farmer.

Interchangeable flushing brackets

In contrast to the current Hydrolicer version 3 and 6 which have fixed and predetermined flushing patterns, the HL Quattro provides the user with the opportunity to replace the flushing brackets, and thus change the flushing pattern and flushing area based on criterias such as size and health status of fish e.g.

With its space-saving design, the system can be installed onboard both wellboats, service vessels and barges.

After several years with continuous development of the Hydrolicer system, Smir has gained valuable experience about what ensures good results and good fish welfare during delousing.

A central and important part of this is the flushing pattern and total flushing area. Adjustment of the flushing area can give a better flow of fish through the lines, and we can also conclude that an optimized flushing pattern improves the fish welfare significantly.

Since the summer of 2020, Smir has undergone extensive prototype- and full-scale testing of a new type of flushing chamber that has taken this into account, and the results are clear: clearance, mortality and scale loss are siginificantly improved.

Users of the system can replace the flushing brackets, and thus change the flushing pattern and flushing area based on criteria such as size and health status of fish e.g. This provides the user of the system with good prerequisites, and several tools to ensure good fish welfare and desired results during delousing.

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