Waterborne feeding

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Aquaculture is the fastest growing food sector, accounting for almost half of the world’s seafood supply. However, the industry faces significant challenges such as environmental sustainability, fish welfare and production efficiency. The introduction of sustainable practices is crucial to solving these problems and securing the future of fish production.

Waterborne feeding systems are a type of feeding method that uses underwater feeding technology to deliver feed to fish in aquaculture tanks. Unlike traditional airborne feeding systems, the use of waterborne technology provides a number of benefits for fish welfare and environmental sustainability, including reduced feed waste and improved feed conversion ratio.

SMIRFEEDER™ is a feeding system that uses water as a transport source for feed pellets. The system is designed for efficient and gentle transport of feed and comes with significant cost and environmental benefits compared to traditional airborne systems.

The system is well suited for both newbuilds and as retrofit on existing feeding platforms. SMIRFEEDER™ is designed for standard sinking pellets, as well as for the future us of floating pellets.