Gentle delousing

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Salmon lice are a significant challenge for the fish farming industry and represent a major threat to fish welfare and a major burden to the economy of the sector.

The industry is fighting a fierce battle against the parasite and the need for preventive measures and treatment has been, and still is, significant.

A fish farmer will always use preventive measures to prevent high numbers of sea lice. Common measures are cleaner fish, skirts and laser to keep the lice levels below the official limits.

Sooner or later, the vast majority of fish farmers will encounter situations where they come close to, or exceed the official limits, and the fish must have “emergency treatment”.

HL Quattro is our newest system within delousing technology. Well-known principles from our flushing technology have been transferred, with higher capacities in a compact and space-saving design. It is a gentle non-pharmaceutical delousing system, also known as mechanical method.

When salmonids are to be removed from their natural environment in the sea and pumped on board a vessel for treatment, it is imperative that this is done in an extremely gentle manner.

HL Quattro ensures this by handling the fish gently with a controlled speed, low pressure and low lifting height throughout the entire delousing process. Deep and wide channels help to reduce stress levels during the delousing. Pipe guides and flange connections without internal edges ensure safe transport paths for the fish.

The system can be installed as a stand-alone treatment option, or in combination with other delousing methods. In addition to the effect that HL Quattro provides, the system can be installed with an afterflushing unit designed by Smir for increased delousing effect.

All transport water is strained on board the vessel and filtered. Lice, egg strings and eggs are collected and destroyed.

Immediately after the treatment, the fish is ready for feeding.

With main focus on good fish welfare in every stage of the delousing process, our technology has achieved excellent results and has become a recognized and preferred system across a broad spectrum in the industry.